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Ghana Web News - 13.07.2012 - Friday -

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- 1 dead, 8 arrested in UE after Dorongo

  and Sokabisi clashes
- Mills is paying for the "several crimes" of

  NPP - Wayo
- Joe Ghartey dares Isofoton Ghana rep:

   ....reveal names of 'guilty' NPP officials

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1 dead, 8 arrested in UE after Dorongo and Sokabisi clashes
* Source: CitifmOnline

Eight persons have been arrested in connection with renewed clashed between Dorongo and Sokabisi communities in the Upper East region.

One of the four persons who sustained machete injuries has been confirmed dead.

According to Citi News’ Upper East regional correspondent, Agana Bawa, the death of one of the victims nearly sparked another confusion in the area on Friday but through the intervention of the Police, calm has returned to the community.

The two communities are battling a case in court over a parcel of land.

Agana Bawa mentioned that the case which was to be heard on Friday at the Bolgatanga Circuit Court did not come off due to the absence of both parties.

“The case was supposed to be heard today but following yesterday’s clashes, my checks at the court indicated that non of the representatives of the two communities appeared so the case was not heard”, he explained.


Mills is paying for the "several crimes" of NPP - Wayo
* Source: Radio XYZ online

The founder and leader of the United Renaissance Party, Kofi Wayo says President Mills is paying for the several crimes committed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, the recurrence of judgment debt payment in the country is as a result of the gross indiscipline and negligence of some officials of the erstwhile Kufuor administration.

Mr. Wayo said he wonders why the Mills administration has not being forthcoming with information on who really plunged the nation into the judgment debt crisis.

“What I don’t understand about the Atta Mills government is that somebody has committed a crime, put it on you and you are not able to defend yourself” Mr. Wayo said.

Mr. Wayo also lashed out at some appointees of President Mills saying they have disappointed the President with their performance.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life. NPP government committed all the crimes and they are making the Atta Mills government pay for it. Cant Atta Mills see that the people he appointed have disappointed him”.

The maverick politician also stated that the party will not enter into any alliance with any of the bigger parties in this year’s elections unlike 2008.

The URP and other smaller parties partnered the ruling NDC to defeat the NPP in the 2008 elections.

But speaking to XYZ News, Mr. Wayo noted that the party will contest this year’s elections at its own strength.

He said the party has outlined a plan of action to elect its Parliamentary candidates by the end of August this year.

“We are a political party; we have a right to work for election without supporting anybody, why do we have to support somebody.

“We have finished our constituency elections and after that then we go for congress and elect our Parliamentary candidates. I am leading the party, I am the one with the brains” Kofi Wayo said.


Joe Ghartey dares Isofoton Ghana rep: ....reveal names of 'guilty' NPP officials
* Source: Joy Online

The controversy surrounding the $1.3 million judgment debt awarded to ISOFOTON SA, has taken a new twist with former Attorney General, Joe Ghartey, daring the local representative of the company to ‘spill the beans’ and expose NPP officials he claims have done wrong in the matter.

Mr. Ghartey says he is tired of the threats by Mr. Anane Forson that he has dirt on some former officials in the NPP government and will be forced to reveal their names and the full details of the deal if they continue to contest the resolution of the matter.

Speaking on Adom FM’s political talk show, Dea Me Hunu Wednesday, Mr. Anane Forson claimed that he was an NPP Constituency Chairman in the Biakoye constituency and feels slighted that the NPP abrogated his contract without cause and yet insists they did nothing wrong.

He said as far as ISOFOTON is concerned, the courts had ruled in their favour and the State is mandated to pay the $1.3million to them. He added that the State should even be grateful to him because the actual amount to be paid was $4 million including interest but out of patriotism, they have excluded the interest so as to reduce the amount to be paid.

The ISOFOTON representative warned the NPP to stay away from the efforts by the government to resolve the matter. “I have nothing against the NPP officials including Kojo Mpiani, he is my uncle but I don’t like how they are going about the issue,” he stated.

He accused the former Attorney General, Joe Ghartey of trying hard and failing woefully to justify their stance in the case adding that Mr Ghartey approached them in 2008 and pleaded for the withdrawal of the case from court to be resolved amicably outside of the legal system.

He warned that if pushed to the wall he will mention the former officials culpable in the deal and ISOFOTON will go back to court and demand all the accrued interest on the amount.

But speaking on Adom FM’s Midday News Thursday, Mr. Ghartey challenged Mr. Anane Forson to mention the names now or desist from issuing empty threats. “So what if he is an NPP member?” he angrily asked.

He said the NPP did not assume office to share contracts or money with party officials so after thorough scrutiny, they realized there was no merit in the demand of ISOFOTON.

He cited the AAL galloper as an example stating that even though the company was represented by Abuakwa South MP, Atta Akyea, the NPP did not just pay the money to him without the necessary due diligence but ensured that since the demand of AAL was without merit, the issue would be contested in court.

Mr Ghartey insisted that he has no fears of wrong doing whiles he was at the AG’s office and therefore warned Mr Anane Forson to either be sure to prove all the allegations he intends to make against him (Ghartey) or face legal action if he is maligned.

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