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Ghana, The Way Forward

(An Appeal To The President Of The Republic Of Ghana

Mathaba Pan-African Analyst Honourable Dr. Saka: Ghana and Africa need millions of Kwame Nkrumah today to take us through the next stage of our economic independence.

But the only way to produce millions of Nkrumah is when the youth study and understand what he has written.

White book: Neo-Cololnalism :: The Last Stage Of Imperialism (Kwame Nkrumah)


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Books By K. Nkrumah

Ghana, Africa’s Shining Star

Since independence, Ghanaians on many occasions have made the nation and Africa in general very proud. From political stability, economic growth, sports, science and technological inventions, etc. Ghanaians have demonstrated their maturity and their determination to excel in every sphere of human endeavour. This been demonstrated from post-independence to the 21stcentury. However, the positive side of this determination often escape the good books of history. This is because our African culture is often disregarded by those who write the history books.

The African has been brainwashed to look down upon himself and boycott his culture: his food, clothing, arts, beliefs, institutions, his educational systems; all other products of human work and thought, and to a larger extent, his own domestic products.

In his book “Consciencism” (pg.63) Kwame Nkrumah thus wrote

“Our history needs to be written as the history of our society, not as the story of European adventures. African society must be treated as enjoying its own integrity; its history must be a mirror of that society, and the European contact must find its place in this history only as an African Experience”.

Today, there is an abundance of evidence available in Ghana, which proves beyond all reasonable doubt that all kinds of inventions ...



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