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- MP Charged for stealing and fraud
- Betty To Face PAC On Thursday
- Ex-Ministers’ Defence Of Aal Gallopers

- Konadu left in the cold
- NDP colours have not been rejected - EC
- PNC’s Ayariga Slams Rawlingses
- Man, 54, defiles girlfriends’ 10-year-old

- Eighty motor accidents kill 39 in Upper West

- There is massive rot at A-G's dept - Martin



...full statement unedited;
I have read and heard various versions of the story, narrative, and discourse on what the former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development describes as: “Press Statement, The Galloper II Vehicles.” July 2011 features...

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 MP Charged for stealing and fraud
* Source: Al-Haj

In the case of alleged day light robbery by an Hon. MP

-KwabenaAgyarko, 3 others to follow

All is now set for the formal prosecution of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa South, Hon. Samuel Atta Akyea and Mr. KwabenaAgyarko, Ayawaso West Wuogon parliamentary aspirant on charges of stealing and fraud; despite a last minute smear campaign targeting the Attorney-General (A-G), Dr. Ben Kumbuor by pro-NPP press, commentators and pressure groups.

As part of a well-coordinated and concerted effort at scuttling the imminent prosecution of some five high-profiled ‘straight-forward’ criminal cases against some persons within the opposition NPP, including Abuakwa South MP, Mr. Samuel Atta Akyea and the Ayawaso West Wuogon parliamentary aspirant on the ticket of NPP, Mr. KwabenaAgyarko, an agenda has been set in motion to smudge the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Ben Kumbuor, using surrogates and media stooges.
The Abuakwa South MP, Samuel Atta Akyea, an astute lawyer himself who was admitted to a GH¢100,000 bail with one surety was arrested and charged with stealing and fraudulent breach of trust, almost a year ago.
Mr. Atta Akyea’s arrest follows his role in a $155,000 landed property sale at the Airport Residential area in Accra in which he is alleged to have stolen $60,000.
However, since July 2011 when the police preferred the charge of stealing and fraudulent breach of trust, the office of the Attorney-General, to which the Ghana Police forwarded the docket for further advice, has failed and or refused to prosecute the Hon. Atta Akyea, compelling the victim, one Mr. Joseph Adom, to fire two strong petitions to the A-G and president of the Republic.
But this paper’s sources at the Attorney General’s office revealed that the office is all set to start the prosecution of Hon Samuel Atta Akyea and Mr. KwabenaAgyarko, among other high-profile members of the opposition NPP, latest by the 17th of this month.
Mr. Joseph Adom, a road and building contractor and also Managing Director of J. Adom Limited, a client of the Abuakwa South MP sometime last year, reported Mr. Atta Akyea, his Personal and Company Lawyer to the police, accusing him of stealing US$60,000 and engaged in series of dishonest behavior.
The police, subsequently after investigations, charged Mr. Atta Akyea with stealing and fraudulent breach of trust and admitted him to a GH¢100,000 bail with one surety, but this was not before the Hon. MP refunded and paid to the police GHC100,000.
It will be recalled that, early last week an opposition group, Centre for National Affairs (CNA) allegedly file a writ against the continued stay in office of Dr. Kumbuor as Attorney-General, citing violation of Article 284 of the Constitution.

Investigations by this paper reveal that the NPP, while in power stuffed the Ministry of Justice and Attorney-General with its apologists so that they could get their way in the prosecution and persecution of the members of the then opposition NDC.

Now, having lost power in 2008, these vestiges of NPP apologists, cloaked as professionals working for the state at the Ministry of Justice and A-G, have turned into saboteurs of government who often botch trials deliberately and at times leak vital information and legal strategy to members of the opposition in order to serve a political agenda and scuttle imminent trials.

The Al-Hajj has gathered that the case of Atta-Kyea and the impending trials of other four individuals fit into these agenda of the said saboteurs at A-G who leak the information to the NPP and their stooges in the media to begin a psychological war against Dr. Kumbour so as to put fear in him to stop the trials.

Consequently, there were incessant hollers and tirade from the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik KwekuBaako,a known apologist and propaganda-in-chief of the opposition NPP at the well-learned Attorney-General.

Mr. Baako has been mounting offensive media attacks against the A-G questioning his integrity in as far as his silence over the allegations by the Centre for National Affairs (CNA) in a yet to be determined matter at the supreme court is concern.

This, the Al-Hajj has learnt is part of the grand design by elements of the opposition to intimidate the A-G and dissuade him from going ahead with his planned prosecutions.

Then on the afternoon of that same day, another NPP political pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) in their usual chorus, issued a statement saying it is “flabbergasted by the continuous silence of the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Dr. Benjamin Kumbour on the issue of a self-inflicted assassination attempt leveled against him”.

According to the AFAG,“as the principal legal advisor to the government and officer responsible for the initiation and conduct of all prosecutions of criminal offences, his continuous silence on a matter which borders on such criminality, has left AFAG and all well-meaning Ghanaians wondering on the personal credibility and integrity of the man who occupies the noble office of Attorney General and Minister of Justice”.

The Al-Hajj few weeks ago, stated that in Ghana, so long as you are wealthy person, a politician, a priest or a chief and or a prominent figure in society, you can maim, steal or even kill and you are likely to escape trial let alone punishment.
This paper then cited the alleged stealing case, involving the Abuakwa South MP, Hon. Samuel Atta Akyea, as a typical reference point.


Betty To Face PAC On Thursday
* Source: Daily Post

A Former Attorney-General
and Minister of Justice, Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrisu will be appearing before the
Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of parliament this Thursday in the matter of
the €94 million paid to Construction Pioneers (CP) as judgement debt by the
Many are wondering
whether on display once again, and on GTV, will be the bias and insolence of
some of the members of the PAC, especially the Chairman, Kan-Dapaah as well as
Hon. Agyeman Manu and Hon Isaac Asiama, all NPP MPs.
The appearance of
current Attorney-General, Dr. Ben Kumbuor, a few weeks ago saw on full display
insolence and bias from these three MPs as they sought to embarrass the
Attorney-General. But Kumbuor will not kowtow to their insolence, whims and
caprices, standing his grounds and virtually turning the whole session into a
teacher and a pupil teaching session as he lectured them on judgement debt.
Invariably, the Attorney-General
ended up exposing the ignorance of the “
three musketeers” who simply refused to swallow their pride and learn from the
Attorney- General.
When Mr Philip Addison
appeared before the same PAC a few days ago, they did not show even a quarter
of their insolence; they sat still as he tore through their questions, refusing
to answer some questions.
The bias of Kan Dapaah
was on full glow and this is understandable because Mr. Addison was the lawyer
who defended those accused of murdering Ya Na Andani Yakubu II.
The Chairman of the PAC
looked on sheepishly as Mr. Addison bluntly refused to answer some questions.
At one stage, he even seemed to be literally going down on his knees to plead
with him to answer the questions. At another stage, it was as if he was the solicitor
for Mr. Addison.
Not many Ghanaians have
been surprised by the bias of some members of the PAC. It has become obvious to
many that the Chairman, Kan- Dapaah and some NPP members of the Committee have
been using the PAC’s sittings to score cheap political points.
Hon. Isaac Asiama in
particular prides himself as being one of the most insolent MPs Ghana has ever
seen though he always ultimately only ends up exposing his ignorance on matters.
His English often leaves many laughing until their sides hurt but he seems not
to notice this.
The CP judgement debt
saga has come about as a result of the refusal of the NPP, after coming to
power in 2001, to pay CP for roads it has constructed. Not even the advice of
one of the Attorney-Generals under that regime, Joe Ghartey, that CP be paid
was adhered to.
In arbitration before
the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Ghana lost and was ordered to pay €153
million to CP. However, the NPP government stubbornly refused to pay, creating
a situation where interest of €8,000 a day accumulated on the principal.
By the time the NDC came
to office in 2009, the debt had reached €653 million. CP secured another order
from the ICC to attach the properties of the Government of Ghana, (GOG), which meant
CP could sell Ghana’s properties anywhere in the world to defray the debt.
The construction comapny
immediately moved to attach Ghana’s UN Accounts and properties belonging to the
Ghana Cocoa Processing in London but Attorney Genera;, Betty Mould Iddrisu
moved in to prevent Ghana’s properties
from being sold.
In a settlement with CP,
she managed to reduce Ghana’s debt to €94
million which the state immediately began to defray. But in a funny twist, the
NPP, which caused the debt and caused it to sky-rocket to €653 million has been
questioning why the government is paying off the debt.
As usual, the NPP
managed to hoodwink Ghanaians to start attacking Betty instead of
congratulating her for being able to negotiated Ghana’s indebtedness to CP
downwards. The NDC, as docile as ever, rather than rallying around Betty to
expose the NPP instead decided to leave her in the lurch to battle it all
alone. By this singular act of betrayal, the NDC surrendered the moral high ground
to the NPP who, desperate for political points, have managed to convince the
undiscerning that it is the NDC that is guilty in this matter.
Betty and his lawyer,
Nana Ato Dazdie, have so far managed to go it all alone, battling the NPP, and
proving that if somebody needs to be charged for causing financial loss in this
matter, it is elements in the NPP.


Ex-Ministers’ Defence Of Aal Gallopers Contract
* Source: The Catalyst

Jokers At Governance: Comical Ex-Ministers’ Defence Of Aal Gallopers Contract Abrogation Gaffe Falls Flat

Governance is too serious a venture for any government to want to reduce to a platform for performing comedy, since it has at its core the very survival of the society, anchored in the welfare of its people. That is why it is bizarre that the past New Patriotic Party (NPP) government had reduced its 8 long years of the governance of this country to a huge joke, a typical example being the reckless manner it abrogated the lawful contract between the government of Ghana and African Automobile Limited (AAL) for the supply of 110 Hyundai Gallopers to the Ministry of Local government and Rural development.

The action of the NPP government has resulted in a claim of $1.5 billion being made by AAL in judgement debts, which the Mills government is battling the company over, in an out-of-court settlement, for a drastic reduction.
Over the past week, some past NPP government officials had put up a spirited effort to throw dust into the eyes of the public regarding their dereliction of duty in honouring the terms of the contact covering the remainder of 87 of the Hyundai Gallopers, since the state took delivery of 23 before the Rawlings government left power in 2000.

The vehicles were ordered by the Local Government & Rural Development Ministry for use by District Chief Executives (DCEs) across the country. But the NPP government decided to abrogate the contract and left the 87 vehicles, which arrived in Ghana in 2001, to rot away at the expense of the poor Ghanaian taxpayer, as it appears the country will end up paying several millions of dollars for the unused cars.

Reducing the defence of their reckless action to a theatrical performance of a bunch of jokers, of some sort, this is how the ex-NPP government officials took turns to amuse their imaginary Ghanaian audience.

Kwadwo Mpiani

Sounding as arrogant as ever, the Mr Kwadwo Mpiani, the powerful Chief of Staff in the Kufuor-led NPP government had deliberately peddled an untruth that at first on Joy Fm that there were no contract between the government of Ghana and AAL. When the chips were down later on, he changed his tune and said the reason why the NPP government failed to take custody of, and pay for the vehicles was because the Managing Director of AAL felt he was untouchable and that the NPP government wanted to show him where power lies.

Maxwell Kofi Jumah

When Hon Maxwell Kofi Jumah, a Deputy Minister of Local Government & Rural Development took his turn, he bluntly stated that the Hyundai Galloper II vehicles were cheap cars that fall below their NPP government’s standard of vehicles to be used by its officials. In Hon. Jumah’s weird imagination, this was enough grounds for a validly binding contract was abrogated by the NPP government with impunity and the country, several years after that is being asked to pay dearly for it from scare national resources.

Kwadwo Adjei-Darko

A minister of Local Government and Rural Development under whose purview the Gallopers contract falls, Mr Kwadwo Adjei-Darko also made two conflicting statements. First, he was emphatic that there was no contract covering the transaction between African automobile and Ghana. Not too long after that, the former minister changed his position and rather strangely said that he did not see any contract on the transaction and that could explain why his predecessor, the late Kwadwo Baah Wiredu, superintended over the abrogation of the contract.

Charles Bintim

Mr Charles Bintim became Minister of Local Government & Rural Development way after AAL took the matter to court in 2005 but said he had no idea about the Galloper deal, let alone a court suit against the state with his ministry being the focal point of the whole matter.

The Facts As They Stand
The Mills-led (NDC) government is locked up in an out-of-court settlement with AAL, which is demanding $1.5 billion because the company says the Kufuor-led NPP government had unlawfully terminated a contract it had with the government of Ghana in the Rawlings regime in 1999, for the supply 110 Hyundai Gallopers to the Ministry of Local Government.

The decision was borne out of the Ministry’s policy of replacing the District Assemblies’ vehicles every five years.

AAL was invited in 1999 to quote for a replacement of 110 short-chassis Pajero vehicles it had supplied the ministry in 1994 with long-chassis Galloper II vehicles.

Payment for the replacement vehicles was to be made partly from a trade-in of the Pajero vehicles whose values were to be determined by the State Transport Company. The main payment was to be effect out of the Reserve Fund of the District Assemblies Common Fund following Cabinet approval of a Memorandum on the Formula for Sharing 1999 District Assemblies Common Fund containing the Minister’s proposal.
After several meetings and discussions between the Ministry and the Company, the terms of the transaction were agreed and submitted to Cabinet which gave its approval and go-ahead. Thereafter, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development entered into a contract through an exchange of offer and acceptance letters to purchase the vehicles on the terms approved by Cabinet.
Upon two instalment payments totalling ¢8 billion by the Ministry in 2000, 23 of the Gallopers were delivered to the Ministry in the same year and these were allocated to the District Assemblies. The beneficiary District Assemblies returned the short-chassis Pajeros which were valued individually by the State Transport Company and the total value offset against the total cost of the Gallopers.

There was a binding contract between the Ministry and the Company for the supply of 110 Galloper vehicles
The total value of the Galloper vehicles was US$3,322,000, which worked out to US$30,200 each.
The total value of the trade-in Pajeros was US$396,000.
The used Pajeros, which were valued by the State Transport Company in 1999, were each to be inspected and revalued by the State Transport Company by the District Assemblies to be replaced by the Gallopers.
The 23 Pajeros which were delivered to the Company by the District Assemblies who were allocated the 23 Galloper vehicles which arrived when the NDC was in power were individually valued and the cost offset against the total cost of the Gallopers.
An amount of ¢8 billion was paid against the total value of US$3,322,000 (or ¢17,3 billion at the 2000 exchange rate of ¢5,200 to the US$1) for the 110 Gallopers.

Before the Gallopers were imported, 2 of them were supplied by the Company to the Ministry at the instance of the Ministry for trial purposes for a period of 6 months. One was kept and used by the Ministry for the trial purposes and the other was allocated to the Bimbila District Assembly also for trial purposes in rougher terrain. It was upon satisfaction of their performance that the order was placed.

The remaining 87 Galloper vehicles arrived in 2001.

For reasons best known to him, the Auditor-General (and not the Attorney-General) in September 2001 wrote to demand an abrogation of the contract, a refund of the payments made and the prosecution of the Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund, the former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and Africa Automobile Ltd because of a delay in the delivery of the 87 vehicles and also that the Company had not given a required guarantee.
The then Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, the late Hon. Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu, subsequently in the same month wrote to abrogate the contract.
A 5-member BNI panel chaired by one Mr. Akuffo, under the NPP government, investigated the Galloper transaction.

Critical question arising
If the NPP government officials, backed by NPP’s propaganda chief and editor of the New Crusading Guide together with his Coffee Shop Mafia, claim that there was no contract, then which contract did Hon. Kwadwo Baah Wiredu abrogate upon the advice of the Auditor General?


However, The Catalyst has sighted a contract between the government of Ghana and officials of AAL in which the orders of 110 galloper vehicles were made. The contract is a letter signed by the then Chief Director of the Local Government Ministry, S.Y.M. Zanu acknowledging the receipt of a proforma invoice submitted by AAL.

This exposes the comical denials by the ex-ministers that there was a contract between the government of Ghana and AAL for the supply of the Gallopers.
It would be remembered that a similar false claim was made by NPP government in the case of City and Country Waste Ltd against the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) that there was no contract between the company and AMA. When City and Country Waste Ltd went to court, it won damages in excess of US$12 million against the state in judgement debt.

Meanwhile it is emerging that the only reason for the reckless action of the NPP government against AAL was because of its policy of sabotage and vindictiveness against businessmen perceived to be friends of the NDC. The NPP government took several distasteful decisions in line with this agenda and the country under President Mills has had to pay judgement debts in several hundreds of millions of dollars as a result.


Konadu left in the cold
* Source: The True Statesman

***…..As Rawlings despises NDP***

The formation of a new political party, National Democratic Party (NDP), by Nana Konadu Agyaman-Rawlings is said to be creating an uneasy calm at the household of the former first family.

A source close to former president Rawlings has told *The True Statesman*that, the NDC founder is not the least enthused about the latest move of his beloved wife, Nana Konadu Agyaman-Rawlings.

Mr Rawlings is said to have told the wife in no uncertain terms that he is against the formation of the NDP, and that he would rather remain in the NDC and continue to point out pertinent issues that he felt are threatening the very foundation of the NDC.

“Rawlings is not about to distance himself from a party he toiled so hard to build with his blood,” the sourced revealed.

The source further hinted that former President Rawlings was away in the U.S when the promoters of the NDP went to the Electoral Commission to register the party, and upon his returns, he told the wife not to play any frontline role in the new political movement citing grave consequences for such an action.

It would be recalled that after many months of speculations, Nana Konadu Agyaman-Rawlings finally outdoored a new political movement, National Democratic Party (NDP), last Tuesday.

Some leading members of the new party presented the party’s application to the Electoral Commission in Accra for registration as a fully-fledged political entity to contest the 2012 December and future elections.

The electoral commission has also confirmed that it received documents from the leaders of the proposed party and were assessing the colours and symbols of the new party to ensure they do not conflict with those of existing political parties.

Whilst awaiting a comment from the former President Rawlings over these developments, it is worthy to note that, the party has as its logo; a flying bird similar to the one on top of the famous umbrella of the NDC, using the same black, green, red and white colours as the ruling party.

It remains to be seen as to whether the directives given by former President Rawlings to the wife will be headed to, however, one thing is clear; Rawlings is not part of the NDP.


NDC’s 85% loan recovery rate as against NPP’s 10%
* Source: The Catalyst

Mills’ MASLOC Give-Out 1,000 Cars & 1.000 Outboard Motors In 3 Years

In tackling the issue of poverty reduction and bettering the lot of the people of Ghana in the ‘Better Ghana Agenda, the Mills-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, between 2010 and 2012, has through the Micro-Finance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), made available to members of the public 1,000 cars and is in the process of releasing 1,000 outboard motors to fisher folk along the coast of the country in vehicle loans. Also, MASLOC has given out various sums of cash loans to qualified Ghanaians.
The Catalyst has also learnt that within the period, MASLOC has made a remarkable record of 85% loan recovery rate as against the dire situation prevailing under the past New Patriotic Party (NPP) government where it could only manage a paltry 10% loan recovery achievement due to the heavily politicised conduct of its operations.
The paper has learnt that due to the haphazardly manner in which car and vehicle loans were giving to NPP party apparatchiks under the NPP government, the current management is finding it difficult to chase defaulters of these loans, most of whom have no clear-cut records on the transactions to enable the state micro finance institution go after them.
Despite recent attempts by NPP sponsored newspapers to cast doubts on the integrity and professionalism of Madam Bertha Ansah-Djan, the President Mills-appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MASLOC, it has come to light that it is as a result of her hard work together with her management, which has instilled a sense of professionalism and discipline in the staff to conform to best practices, that MASLOC has chalk its current unprecedented success.
The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of MASLOC, Mr Mustapha Abubakar told The Catalyst in a telephone interview that Madam Bertha Ansah-Djan has made sure that only qualified applicants for loans, irrespective of party affiliation, were considered. “The loans are giving to only well-deserving people,” he stressed.
For that matter, the PRO said since she took over the management of MASLOC, she has set a rigorous but efficient procedure in place and only those who successfully go through the mill are granted loans at a very low interest rate of 2% per month.
Elucidating, Mr Abubakar said an applicant first needed to put in an application at MASLOC, which are shortlisted after which applicants are invited for interview. Added to that, those who pass the interview would have to present a worthy guarantor and also, addresses of applicants and guarantors are crosschecked thoroughly to ensure that defaulters can be successfully tracked. One is only granted a loan after meeting all these requirements.
He said between 2010 and 2012, MASLOC has given out 1,000 cars, Hyundai i10s, Hyundai Accents and Hyundai Vernas, which will in the coming days be handed over to qualified drivers who applied for them and went through the procedure successfully.
According to him, even though MASDLOC mad it mandatory for applicants for the Hyundai Vernas to be qualified drivers and belong to a recognised drivers’ union, MASLOC is currently given them additional training in driving to enhance their performance when the cars are released to them.
The PRO also pointed out that the cars are also fitted with tracking device that will make it possible for MASLOC to keep an eye on each car 24/7.
He said the 396 Hyundai Vernas will soon be handed over to the drivers at a ceremony in every region of the country. He expressed the hope that beneficiaries will take good care of the cars so as to enable them go the full hog in order for them to be able to work, make adequate incomes to take care of their families.
Concerning the 1,000 outboard motors, Mr Abubakar said MASLOC is in the process of doing the relevant documentation and sooner than later, they will be handed to fisher folk along the entire coastal belt of the country to enhance their fishing work.
Asked about how MASLOC plans to get back its monies and cars from the defaulters who benefited under the NPP government but are difficult to trace, the PRO said UT Logistics has been engaged by MASLLOC to see if they could help chase them the hard way. He however assured that the Madam Ansah-Djan-led MASLOC management is determined to scoop back to the state the lost monies under the past government.


NDP colours have not been rejected - EC
* Source: CitiFMonline

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has denied speculations making the rounds that it has rejected the colours of the yet to be formed National Democratic Party (NDP).

According to the EC, it is still in the process of studying the details of all documents and particulars submitted by the NDP to them to be registered as a political party, but have not taken any decision on the colours of the party.

These speculations arose from the fact that the breakaway NDP party has the same colours of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) which is Black, Red, White and Green, raising eyebrows as to whether or not it is constitutionally accepted for two political parties to have the same colours.

Speaking to Citi News, the acting Director of Public Affairs of the Commission, Christian Owusu-Parry, indicated that “the Commission has not taken any decision on the colours of the party yet; there are processes that political parties go through before they are registered.”

He added: “What the NDP has done so far is that they have submitted application for registration of a political party. We have given them registration forms to go and complete and return to the Commission so when they return with the registration form, the Commission then would scrutinize the registration forms and all the other accompanying documents.

“It is only then that we can begin talking about colours of the party, so as at now no decision has been made on the colours of that party.”

Mr. Owusu-Parry was, however, quick to add that although the Commission has not as yet taken a decision on the colours of the NDP, it is against the Political Parties Code for different political parties to have the same colours, logos, emblems among others.

He indicated that “you cannot use the name of another party, you cannot use the colours of another party, you cannot also use the symbols or slogans of a registered political party. So it means that the Political Parties Act does not allow the use of other registered political parties logos, colours, symbols, names and any other thing that is associated with another registered political party."


PNC’s Ayariga Slams Rawlingses
* Source: Radio XYZ online

-What is it that they want again?

The flagbearer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga has descended heavily on the Rawlingses on reports of their support for the new political party, the NDP.

Mr. Ayariga is wondering why the Rawlingses wouldn’t attempt to resolve the problems within the NDC if any, but try to form a new party.

The National Democratic Party (NDP) which is yet to receive certification from the Electoral Commission is mainly made up of disgruntled members of the NDC.

Speaking to XYZ News, Mr. Ayariga noted that the conduct of the Rawlingses since they left power in 2000 makes it difficult to actively engage them in the NDC’s activities.

“I am not a member of the NDC but my issue is the Rawlingses have ruled with the NDC for 20 years, people fought for them, people supported them even people died for them to rule, so what is it that is in the NDC that they cannot solve that they have to form a new party.

“If there are challenges in the NDC, which Rawlings is the founder; I believe that the beauty of democracy is to be able to solve the challenges that confront you”.


Man, 54, defiles girlfriends’ 10-year-old daughter
* Source: GNA

A Cape Coast circuit court on Monday remanded a 54-year-old driver into Police custody for allegedly defiling a 10-year old daughter of his girl friend at Mankessim near Cape Coast.

The accused, Roland Josiah, pleaded not guilty to the offence and is to reappear on Tuesday July 24.

Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Sarfo Khanin told the court presided over by Mr. Asare Nyarko that the complainant, Madam Evelyn Quansah, a petty trader, lives with her daughter and the accused in a compound house at Mankessim.

He said on July 5th this year, the complainant returned from church at about 2030 hrs to find her daughter crying in the room and when she was questioned she said it was Josiah who had defiled her.

Chief Inspector Sarfo said Madam Quansah then called her brother who also lives in the same compound to come and witness what had happened.

He said they then invited Josiah to come to the house to provide answers to the allegation but he denied. Madam Quansah therefore sent her brother to report the matter to the Police.

He said during Police investigations, it was revealed that the bed sheet on Madam Quansah’s bed was covered with semen stains and Josiah was subsequently arrested.


Fake Doctor Busted
* Source: Daily Guide

A 27-year-old man, Lord Adingo has been arrested by security personnel of the Brong Ahafo Regional Hospital for posing as a medical doctor.

Adingo reportedly roamed the streets of Sunyani and held himself as a medical doctor who studied at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

According to the taxi driver, who took him to the security personnel, he met the suspect on the evening of July 6, 2012 fully dressed like a medical doctor.

He said the self-styled doctor told him he was a medical doctor at South Suntreso Hospital in Kumasi.

The driver, who only gave his name as Asare, said the next morning he met the self-styled doctor dressed in his white dress, stressing that Adingo was going to work so he decided to give him a lift.

During the ride, a conversation ensued between the two but the answers given by Adingo were unclear so he decided to hand him over to the security to prove his claims.

Upon arrival at the hospital, they realized he had an identification card with the name Prof. Dr. Lord Adingo of Universal Hospital, South Africa.

The self-styled doctor, in an interaction with the security personnel, said he hails from Bongo in the Northern part of Ghana but lives with a friend in Odumase in the Sunyani West District of the Brong Ahafo and work as a farmer.

The Station Officer for Sunyani Municipal Police, Chief Inspector, Kofi Oduro Amponsah confirmed the arrest later and said he will be interrogated and charged accordingly.


Eighty motor accidents kill 39 in Upper West Region
* Source: GNA

Thirty-nine people lost their lives through accidents involving 80 motor bikes between January and May 2012 in the Upper West Region.

Out of this, 111 people sustained various degrees of injuries, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Kofi Adei-Akyeampong, the Upper West Regional Police Commander said this during an orientation course for Community Policing Desk Officers (DCPOs) in the Region on Tuesday.

He said the Region experienced four robbery cases, six murder cases, two rape cases and seven defilement cases within the period and that the Region was relatively peaceful compared to other regions.

He said from the foregoing, it was clear that there was the need for them to embrace the Community Policing Concept in the Region.

Explaining the Community Policing Concept, DCOP Adei-Akyeampong said it was a programme that allowed the police to work hand in hand with members of the community to control crime.

The concept, he said, enhanced the trust and confidence lost through reactive or traditional policing.

DCOP Adei-Akyeampong said the police sometimes displayed an attitude of rudeness, arrogance, hostility, bossiness and abusive language which make the public to perceive them as brutal during arrest, detention and interrogation.

He said he was optimistic that with the introduction of the Community Policing Concept, this negative perception held by the public regarding the police would be eliminated because both the police and community members would be seen working together to fight crime.

Chief Superintendent Alhaji Mohammed Suraji, the Director of the Community Policing Unit in Accra, said the first ever Community Policing Conference was held in Accra out of which the idea to extend the concept to all parts of the country was born.


There is massive rot at A-G's dept - Martin Amidu
* Source: CitiFMonline

A former Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Martin Amidu, has once again waded into the controversial $1.5 billion being demanded by African Automobile Limited for some gallopers they imported for government in 2001.

Touching on several issues including claims that the State wanted to settle the case out of court, Mr. Amidu, who has been firing salvos recently over certain legal issues said there is massive rot at his former office.

Below is his full statement unedited


I have read and heard various versions of the story, narrative, and discourse on what the former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development describes as: “Press Statement, The Galloper II Vehicles.”

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