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Ghana Life Pays Cargo Plane Crash Claims

Source: Daily Guide / 17 July 2012

Ghana Life Insurance Company Limited, the longest existing indigenous life insurance company in Ghana, has presented a cheque for GHC1,400 to the beneficiary of a fallen hero and policyholder, L/Cpl. Castro Abuchow, who met his untimely death during the recent Allied Airline Cargo plane crash.

The short ceremony, held at the premises of the 48 Engineers Regiment, Teshie, was attended by the high hierarchy of the unit and management of Ghana Life Insurance, led by the Managing Director, Mr. Ivan Avereyireh.

Presenting the cheque to Bismark Abuchow, the junior brother of the victim, Mr. Ivan Avereyireh said, “We, at Ghana Life took the news of L/Cpl. Castro Abuchow’s demise on the 2nd June, 2012 in the national disaster of the Allied Airlines Cargo plane crash with a heavy heart.

“The country has lost a budding and courageous solder in this tragic accident. But this young and forward looking man knew that his life was not entirely under his control. Therefore, while under training he took out a Ghana Life six-year Master Plan Policy on 1st June, 2011, and made his junior brother, Bismark Abuchow, the beneficiary,” Mr. Avereyireh added.

Mr. Avereyireh however stated that the payment does not prevent the family of the late Castro from pursuing claims against the owners of the Allied Airlines Cargo plane.

The uncle of the deceased, Lt. Col. Buntuguh, who spoke on behalf of the family, expressed their profound gratitude to Ghana Life for their prompt payment of the claims and assured the gathering that the purpose of the policy by the policyholder will be put to good use. In fact, the late Abuchow was the one who was caring for the education of his brother, so it came to them as no surprise that he undertook such a brilliant policy to support his brother’s education.

The Commanding Officer of the 48 Engineers Regiment, Lt/Col. M. Mustapha also commended Ghana Life Insurance for their quick response to the payment of claims and urged all officers to also take up a policy that will provide similar support to their beneficiaries.

Ghana Life has paid a total of GHC1,395,270 claims for the first half of 2012.

Similarly, in 2011, total claims paid amounted to GHC3,710,000. By the end of 2012, Ghana Life will be able to give SMS alerts to their policyholders when payments are received in their various accounts.


Taxpayers demand Mills’s medical bills
* Source: Economy Times    (Wednesday, 11.07.2012)

Ghanaian taxpayers are asking government to disclose how much it had spent on President John Evans Atta- Mills’s recent medical trip to the United States of America.

The taxpayers believe they deserve to know how their monies are spent. Apart from concern that he is wasting so much state money on his trips abroad for medical reasons, there is also concern about his long absence from work because of the frequently recurring medical check-ups.

The BBC last week reported that President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe draws $3 million from the treasury each time he travels to Singapore for medical check-ups, a statement that was confirmed by the Zimbabwean Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, of the coalition partner, the Movement for Democratic Change.

“Ghanaians deserve to know how their money is being spent. President Mills did not spend his personal money. Ghanaian taxpayers’ money or the oil money would have been used to offset the medical bills,” Justice Boateng, who works with Ghana Revenue Authority has stated.

“Remember, the President went with his entourage, and they all were in the US for the number of days he spent there,” he added.

Joyce Bubuame, a Nurse at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, stated: “Who knows, the money spent in US might have been enough to equip at least one hospital in Ghana. It was the biggest embarrassment that our President went to the State for his medical treatment. We must be told how much it cost the Ghanaian taxpayer.”

She added “government should either send every sick Ghanaian overseas for treatment or completely ban overseas medical treatment for government officials, and properly equip our hospitals.”

On her part, the Chief Executive Officer of Mandoh Group, Grace Mandoh, stated: "It is worth reminding everyone that this is the people's money that is being spent. Surely, he can cut costs by seeking local treatment. We don’t have to be spending so much money on foreign doctors. Is he saying the local doctors are not good enough for him? Or this is the price we are paying for his obsession to keep his medical condition secret. Government must tell us the cost of his medical bill.”

Many other taxpayers were of the view that in the interest of accountability, relevant committees in parliament or civil society watchdogs should request the government to disclose all funds spent to pay medical bills for state officers.

The policy advisor of the minority New Patriotic Party, Kweku Kwarteng, however thinks otherwise.

“The President is not under any obligation to disclose his medical bills but he can do so in the name of accountability and transparency,” he told Economy Times.

He added: “Ghanaians should be concerned with the unemployment issue in the country, and provision of basic services to the people instead of the President’s health issue.”

In a related development, reports say that after the terminal illness of some Kenyan cabinet ministers and state officials, the citizens of Kenya are asking their government to tell the public how much it costs the taxpayer to cater for the medical bills of those officials.

Recently, the Kenyan Minister for Public Health, Beth Mugo, flew to USA to get treatment for cancer, and according to media reports, the cost of treatment will be 27 million Kenyan shillings which will be paid by the state.



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""" Election """ in Libya... (Saturday, 7th July 2012)

Renewed violence in Libya. Electoral worker was killed on Friday. Rebells or Green resistans firing at a helicopter carrying voting material for the ""elections"" ...the helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing outside the eastern town of Benghazi. It is not yet clear who is responsible.
Tensions have been brewing as many in Libya's oil-rich east have express anger at the NTC-issued election laws.
Eastern Libya pressing for a boycott.
"We don't want Tripoli to rule all of Libya," said Fadlallah Haroun, a former rebel commander in the east's regional capital, Benghazi.
Friday's helicopter attack was the latest in a string of violence in the run-up to the vote.
On Thursday, Rebels or Green resistance shut down three eastern oil refineries - in Ras Lanouf, Brega and Sidr - to press the transitional government to cancel the vote.They also have cut the country's main coastal highway linking east to west.
Earlier this week, ex-rebel fighters and Green resistance in Benghazi and in the nearby town of Ajdabiya attacked elections offices, setting fire to ballot papers.
NTC is claiming that about 2.8 million voters, out of more than three million eligible, have registered for the ""election"".


04.07.2012 - Source: AFP/Yahoo

There are no mermaids and no zombies: US government

The United States government has assured its citizens that, much like zombies, mermaids probably do not exist, saying in an official post: "No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found."

"Mermaids -- those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea -- are legendary sea creatures," read the online statement from the National Ocean Service (NOS).

The agency, charged with responding to natural hazards, received letters inquiring about the existence of the sea maidens after the Discovery Channel's Animal Planet network broadcast "Mermaids: The Body Found" in May.

The show "paints a wildly convincing picture of the existence of mermaids, what they may look like, and why they've stayed hidden... until now," a Discovery Channel press release says.

Conversely, the US government declaration offered no conclusive proof to deny the existence of mermaids.

The statement comes after another government agency, this time the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), declared there was no conclusive evidence for the existence of zombies.

The CDC had published instructional materials on how to survive a "zombie apocalypse," in what the agency now calls "a tongue in cheek campaign to engage new audiences with messages of preparedness messages."

The campaign was followed by a series of cannibalistic attacks in North America.

In one such attack on May 26, a 31-year-old Miami man stripped naked and chewed off most of a homeless man's face.

The Twittersphere was suddenly alive with people talking about the real and present danger of a zombie apocalypse.

The CDC was quick to respond to allegations of corpses rising from the dead to eat the living.

"CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead," a government spokesperson wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

While zombies would be a big problem, popular folklore holds that mermaids are relatively benign creatures.

But the NOS statement associated the finned friends with more threatening mythological beasts.

"Half-human creatures, called chimeras, also abound in mythology -- in addition to mermaids, there were wise centaurs, wild satyrs, and frightful minotaurs, to name but a few," it said.

See also related: Ebola Lie Exposed: THE EBOLA DECEPTION: Vaccine Agenda Fully Exposed - Final Edition [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Airborne Ebola is "Solution to Earth's Overpopulation Problem" Says Biologist Dr. Eric Pianka, who has a pet bison named Lucifer. > More <


Seven arrested over renewed Gushegu clashes

* Source: CitifmOnline / 03.07.2012

Seven suspects are in the grips of the Yendi Divisional Police Command over renewed communal clash between two Konkomba clans in Berib and Yiyamba in the Gushegu district.

The police have confirmed that six houses were burnt down as a result of the enskinment of two rival chiefs for the Berib community.

An eyewitness, Adam Shaibu claimed some locally manufactured weapons were retrieved from the combatants.

According to him, the Berib chief (name withheld) who was arrested together with the other suspects was detained at the Gushegu district police command.

The Yendi Police Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Allottey, confirmed the incident to Citi News.

“It is chieftaincy related, the information we had was that the Gushegu Naa gave kola to somebody to be enskinned as the Chief of Berib and another sub-chief also presented kola to someone at Yiyamba without the consent of the Gushegu Naa for the same skin and this prompted the attack,” Allotey explained.


Include Zongo Chiefs In Traditional Councils
* Source: Daily Grapic - 18.06.2012


The Vice-President, Mr John Dramani Mahama, has proposed the inclusion of Zongo chiefs in all the traditional councils in the country to promote dialogue, harmony and peaceful co-existence among the people.

He also charged the various ethnic groups to ensure proper management of their relationships to prevent conflict and stressed the need for the public not to infringe on the religious freedoms of other people.

The Vice-President made the proposal when he opened the first National Congress of the Council of Zongo Chiefs in Accra Saturday.

Held on the theme: “Uniting Zongo Chiefs for Peace and Socio-economic Development”, the congress was meant to adopt the revised constitution of the council, elect new officers and strategise for the coming year.

It was chaired by Professor Naa Nabila, the Wulugu Naba and President of the National House of Chiefs.

Mr Mahama said some traditional areas had incorporated Zongo chiefs into their councils, a move which had promoted peace among the people.

He said the remaining traditional areas should also follow suit by appointing some Zongo chiefs to serve on their councils to promote understanding, unity and peace.

Tracing the history of the Zongo communities, the Vice-President said during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, merchants, mainly Muslims, settled at the outskirts of towns, usually close to mosques.

He said the people of the Zongos were later enlisted into the Army and indicated that the first unit created by the Gold Coast for the people of the Zongos and those from the northern part of the nation was called the Hausa Constabulary.

The Vice-President said now the Zongos were made up of Muslims and Christians from the various ethnic groups and indicated that with the expansion of cities, Zongos were at the centre of towns.

He said on the eve of independence, every person within the territory of the country became a Ghanaian, saying that “the people of Zongo are equal Ghanaians as other people”.

Mr Mahama congratulated traditional and religious leaders on contributing to the maintenance of peace in the country but cautioned that the country should not take that peace for granted.

Consequently, he said, it was about time the various ethnic groups devised ways of improving their relationships to ensure continuous peace among their people and avoid conflict.

Mr Mahama described the recent unrest between the indigenes of Hohoe and their brothers in the Zongo community as an unfortunate misunderstanding between two communities, not a fight between Muslims and Christians.

He said both parties had expressed their commitment to resolve the conflict and gave an assurance that the government would continue to support the peace initiative and also support the affected people to stand on their feet.

The Vice-President stressed the need for Muslims to send their children, especially the girls, to school and support them to achieve their potential, since that was the only way they could improve their living conditions.

He also asked the youth not to allow themselves to be used as thugs by politicians but rather acquire employable skills and take advantage of the various National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) modules to earn income.

On this year’s Hajj, Mr Mahama announced that Ghana’s Hajj quota had been increased from 4,000 to 6,000 to cater for all Ghanaian Muslim pilgrims and avoid any difficulty in the acquisition of more visas.

He said for the first time pilgrims from the northern part of the country would be checked in in Tamale and transported directly to the Kotoka International Airport to be lifted to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

He said the deadline for the payment of the Hajj fare of $3,100 was August 31, 2012 and asked all prospective pilgrims and Hajj agents to pay on time to avoid any disappointment.

The former Vice-President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama, expressed worry at the perception that many people in the Zongos were engaged in criminal activities, besides the fact that they were backward in terms of education and social status.

He charged the Zongo chiefs to liaise with opinion leaders to fashion out a strategy of reversing the trend by focusing more on giving Zongo children quality education and discouraging them from any social vices.

Alhaji Mahama said the establishment of the council was welcome, as it would offer the opportunity for the people of the Zongos to build peace and unity within their respective communities “and strengthen our efforts at alleviating poverty in our communities”.

The Public Relations Officer of the National Council of Zongo Chiefs, Chief Alhaji Imoro Baba Issa, said the three-day congress would help delegates to adopt and review a constitution which would help direct the affairs of the Zongo communities.

The Wulugu Naba stressed the need for the Zongo chiefs to be incorporated into traditional councils to give them a sense of belonging and promote dialogue and peace among the people.

Central Region Police Command arrests 10 armed robbers

ASource: GNA - 25.05.2012

The Central Regional Police Command has arrested 10 suspected armed robbers who for some time now have been terrorising and robbing residents of Kasoa and its environs.

The robbers, who were arrested at various locations and identified by their victims are Kwame Enin, Kojo Ayena, Awumeg Agbeko, Awumeg Shito, Ekow Amukwandah, Osei Kwabena, Atsu Hodukor, Emmanuel Akese, Abubakar Sulemana and Yaw Sefah.

Some items retrieved from the groups included a generator, microwaves, stabilisers, laptop computers, television sets, mobile phones, and DVD players.

Briefing the media on Thursday at the Central Regional Police Headquarters, the Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Stephen Andoh- Kuofie said on Sunday May 20, the police received a distress call about an armed robbery at CP, a suburb of Kasoa.

He said the police patrol team, which was on its normal patrol duties responded swiftly but met the absence of the robbers who had fled before the personnel got to the scene.

He said the police then mounted a search for the robbers, extending the search to every corner of the Kasoa township and that their vigilance led to the arrest of Anin and Kwabena who were carrying some mobile phones concealed in a wet black ‘T’ shirt in a polythene bag.

DCOP Andoh-Kuofie said the two after interrogation led the police to arrest five other suspects in their hide out at different locations.

The police also carried out investigations to arrest those who received the stolen items.

He said the police was working hard to uncover the weapons used by the robbers to carry out their criminal activities and also apprehend other members of the ring including their spiritual assistance, one Mallam.

The Police Commander pointed out that Kasoa was gradually becoming a hide-out for criminals who were being pursued in Accra, warning that the police administration would do everything possible to flush them out.

He urged people who have fallen victim at the hands of the robbers to contact the police to identify their items.


Fire guts Dodi Princess - 05.05.2012 can confirm that the MV Dodi Princess has been completely burnt beyond recognition. The incident occurred on Friday night. The cruise, which is most popular among Ghanaians and foreign visitors alike, serves as a recreational facility for many.

According to eyewitnesses, the Dodi Princess, which......

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